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Good friends are one of life’s greatest blessings. It’s so important to value our friends and to be thankful for them.

Allowing Others to Serve

Our washing machine died this weekend. It’s been limping for awhile, but the spin cycle finally stopped working completely and you know what happens then. The clothes come out literally dripping. I would have to go through three dryer cycles to get them dry. Of course, this is the absolute worse time of the year … Continue reading »

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An Evening With Old Friends

I just had the delightful experience of spending an evening with some of my oldest friends. I have known these ladies for over twenty years. Most of us went to middle school and high school together. One of the joys of growing up in a small town, is that you know just about everybody. Not … Continue reading »

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Who are Your cheerleaders?

I was a cheerleader in high school. It wasn’t because that was what the popular kids did or anything as shallow as that. I was a cheerleader because it was what I was good at doing. I tried basketball and probably played a total of two minutes the entire season. I was terrible at it. … Continue reading »

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Faithful Friends

The text read, “Please say a prayer for me. Unspoken…I know I need a prayer warrior right now. Thank you.” That was it. I had no further details. It came from a friend of mine with a really stressful, busy job who never texts me during the day. Of course, I was in a place … Continue reading »

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The Beautiful Power of Friendship

  I believe that friendship is truly a gift from God and all friendships are beautiful in their own unique way. Even those that only bloom for a season can add fabulous color and beauty to our lives in the moment. Even Jesus, surrounded himself with friends. He really liked being around people and although … Continue reading »

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