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We were meant to live in community with others. If we want to be part of a strong community sometimes we need to initiate.

Roof Lessons

Last week, I got a message from my friend Amy, who is the director of the Two Rivers Salkehatchie mission camp that my family attends in the summer. I’m always happy to hear from her and anyone else from that camp. She wanted to check with me on some dates for next summer. It’s only … Continue reading »

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The Power of Faith

As I was reading through Acts, chapter three, for my online Bible study, Peter’s words and actions really spoke to me. Yes, this was the same Peter who was always kind of running off at the mouth. Yes, this was the same Peter who was a simple fisherman. He had certainly never been to seminary. … Continue reading »

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Disappointed, but not Discouraged

For the past few months, my church has been planning our very first Vacation Bible School in our new location. I am super passionate about that ministry and I spearheaded all of the planning. I put together a budget and I ordered a ton of stuff. I spoke to the congregation and they were on … Continue reading »

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Jesus Loves the Little Chidren

Last weekend, our church hosted an Easter egg hunt at our new church location. The church itself is fourteen years old, but has moved around from place to place until landing at our new permanent address. We moved less than ten miles from where we were, but we crossed a county line. We went from … Continue reading »

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Nudged to Love Others

I often give my neighbor a ride home from church. She always worries that she is a burden somehow. I just smile as I explain that I was raised in a tiny Baptist church, yet the church owned a school bus. Picking people up, especially for Vacation Bible School, was what we did. Lack of … Continue reading »

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We Are Called to Do

Yesterday, we had only one boy show up for our Sunday school class. It was a holiday weekend and a lot of people were out of town. I attend a small church, so when a few families areĀ out of town, it makes a difference. You are missed, when you miss a Sunday in a small … Continue reading »

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Participating in the Story

Yesterday, our church choir performed a Christmas Cantata. It was complete with readings that told the story of Jesus’ birth. A narrator would read about an event like Mary’s visit from the angel Gabriel, and then the choir would sing a song about it. I didn’t really love the music selection this year for the … Continue reading »

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Community Cheers for Us

Last Sunday, when our church announcements were being made, someone from the back of the church called out, “Look who’s here!” Of course, we all whipped our heads around to see who it was. We all began to clap and cheer when we realized that it was Miss Bonnie. Miss Bonnie will proudly tell you … Continue reading »

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Faith’s Blessings

Last October, my family visited a new church, well, new to us. This church had been started fourteen years earlier by a core group of believers who were looking to worship together. They began as Independent Methodists and they met at a local school. Over the years, they bought a building and then realizing they … Continue reading »

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Christian Community

One of my favorite topics to write about is community, specifically Christian community. Paul wrote a lot about community in his letters that make up the majority of the New Testament. My mama recently shared with me a story of community at work in her church. In her Sunday School Class, an older woman began … Continue reading »

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