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Tree Wisdom

Posted by on September 25, 2017

A tree large enough to land on a second story roof and tear off gutters, but just happened to fall gently enough to turn on the faucet, had to be a part of Divine intervention.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I found myself not only praying for the protection of the people in the storm, but also that God would use the situation to show Himself in unmistakable ways, ways that might show those who doubt that He is always present.

When Hurricane Irma came on Harvey’s heels, I prayed the same prayer. Little did I know that He would also take the opportunity to show His mighty hand to me, personally.

Irma deposited a tree on our house, but it did very little damage which made us very thankful. However, we had a live power line on the ground for over a week. We had power, so I wasn’t complaining, but I’d heard way too many stories about live power lines and electrocution, so I completely avoided that side of my house.

When the power company did come out, the lineman had me walk to the side of the house with him. What he showed me brought tears to my eyes. There was a rather small metal hook that attached the power line and the cable line to the house. The huge tree that fell because two larger trees, fell on it, creating a domino effect, simply nicked the side of the hook and broke it.

The lines fell to the ground, unbroken.

The tree also hit a faucet on the edge of my house, turning the water on. It didn’t break the faucet off the wall. It merely hit the faucet at just the right angle and just the right amount of force, to turn the water on.

I stared at the broken ring and the faucet in disbelief. What were the chances?

The lineman looked at me and said that we were unbelievably lucky. But, I knew it had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with God.

How often do we miss it? How often are we showered with blessings big and small that we simply attribute to good fortune or luck?

As people of faith, we are called to pray. But, aren’t we also called to acknowledge the answers to prayers and the blessings that we are so freely given? How can we acknowledge them if we don’t actively seek them?

It would have been easy to miss the Hand of God in the tree, if I had just dismissed the tree as an unfortunate accident, but the tree was meant to show me much more. God was at work, just as He always is, but I had to be willing to seek Him. And when I did? Wow!

A poplar tree reminded me of God’s mighty hand in our daily lives even in situations that we might consider unfortunate. Perhaps you needed reminding too.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂

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