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God Was There

Posted by on August 14, 2017

Well before the girls posed for a picture on this couch, God was there.

Last weekend, my hubby and I drove our daughter to college. Just like the day she was born, it was exciting and painful. Just like the day she was born, a new chapter began as another one came to a close, and just like the day she was born, God was there.

It was a tough week leading up to it, bittersweet in so many ways. But, God has given me so much comfort in this journey. He led her to three roommates who are strong in their faith and He made a way for her to get to know them and become friends with them before they moved in.

And as an extra blessing to this mama, He allowed me to spend some time with their mamas, who happen to be very strong, Godly women. I’ve always believed that you can tell a lot about a girl from meeting her mama.

As moving day progressed, I received texts of prayers an encouragement from some of the people I work with. I’ve only been at my job for a little over a year, and two of the people who sent prayers have only been there a couple of months. Yes, God was there.

All day long, we received well wishes on Facebook. We even got some from our Salkehatchie mission family. But, on the way home, one of those women, who means the world to my daughter, messaged me privately to tell me that she was covering me in prayer too and reminded me that when you raise a child to love the Lord; you can’t ask for anything better, as you send her out on her own. Yes, God was there, just as He has always been, especially for loving mamas.

He was there when Moses’ mama placed her baby in a basket and into His hands. He was there when Hannah dedicated Samuel to Him to raise. He was there with Mary in a stable in Bethlehem and He was there again when she stood at the cross.

The entire experience has reminded me that there are seasons in our lives that are just plain hard, for whatever reason, but when we really look around us, those of us with faith, can see God everywhere. While He doesn’t remove the season, He sends us help and extra blessings in countless ways. I am reminded that I never walk alone and neither does my daughter. You never walk alone either.

Perhaps you needed reminding today.

Have an awesome day!
Wendy 🙂

4 Responses to God Was There

  1. Vanda Guthrie

    Not only did I learn a lot about Caroline, being her guitar teacher for many years……… I learned a lot about her mama too! She has got one of the most godly mamas I know! Caroline has one of the most beautiful hearts that I have witnessed. I think she saw her mama walk out her faith in Jesus Christ. She is a blessed daughter of The King and a blessed daughter to have Wendy as her mama!!!!!!

    • Wendy

      Oh my gosh Vanda! You truly humble me. Thanks for your encouraging words. Caroline got to see the face of Jesus every time she walked through your door. You taught her so much more than how to play the guitar. The truths you taught her over the years will remain with her forever. I can never thank you enough!

  2. Judy

    You and your family are definite blessed. Years from now you and your daughter will fondly remember this event. Again thanks for your insights of a faithful life! Judy

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