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Remembering to Look

Posted by on April 28, 2017

We worship an ever-present God.

I recently had a really rough day. I had to go to the drugstore on the way home from work to pick up a prescription for a physical ailment. But, I was emotionally distraught too. I went home and collapsed on my bed for a little while in the fetal position.

There was simply no part of me that felt good at the moment. I eventually drug myself out of bed, put on my pajamas, (it was only 5:00 by the way), and went downstairs to find my hubby preparing dinner. I felt a little nudge reminding me that he was a blessing and something to feel good about. Another little nudge reminded me that we had plenty to eat and that too, was a blessing to feel good about.

He had a meeting that night and left shortly after dinner. My two teens and I plopped ourselves in our family room, planning to watch television. We all had our phones, looking for different things, but we talked while we surfed and we laughed.

My son loves to pick at my daughter and she was giving it right back to him, but it was all good natured. They kept at it for over an hour and I don’t know when I have been so entertained.

When my hubby finally returned and we turned the television on, my heart was definitely lighter. My stomach was still hurting, but my soul felt better.

As I went to bed that night, I thanked God for the gift of my children. They have brought so much joy into my life and that night in particular, much laughter.

As I thought about it the next day, I was reminded of the many daily blessings that we are given that we so often miss because we aren’t looking for them. It’s all too easy to stay distracted by life’s busyiness and stresses.

But, as Christians, we worship an active and busy God who is involved in our daily lives. From that unexpected phone call from a friend when we most need it, to a chance meeting with someone who becomes a significant presence in our lives, to that job offer that turns our to be the perfect fit for us, to the blessing of family.

The Holy Spirit is present, helping us and reminding us that we are loved and that God is not the God of chaos. He has a plan. He is in control. Always.

If we actively look, we will find Him. An evening with a couple of teenagers reminded me. Perhaps you needed reminding too.

Have an awesome day!
Wendy 🙂

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