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The Call to Share Your Story

Posted by on April 21, 2017

We all have a story worth sharing.

Our pastor reminded us on Sunday that we are called to tell others the story of how Jesus has worked in our lives. We are called to proclaim the good news from our personal perspective.

This is not a surprising message. I think all Christians have heard this and know it, but then he gave a few examples.

Apparently the man who became known as St. Augustine, was sitting on a bench one day when he heard a child’s voice saying, “pick it up,” and so he picked up the Bible lying on the bench beside him and at that moment, it changed his life.

The man who we know as St. Francis had been a soldier and a prisoner of war and was so traumatized by the torture he witnessed, that he questioned if there even was a God. But, he had a moment when he understood that there was. He became known as one of the gentlest advocates for God who ever lived.

A woman named Agnes Bojaxhiu, was thirty-eight years old and traveling on a train. She was a nun and had been teaching girls in a convent for twenty years. She clearly heard a voice that told her to go and help the poorest of the poor and to live among them. She said it was the hardest thing she ever did.

She became known as Mother Teresa.

Every Christian has a story. Most of us believe that our story is mundane and insignificant. I mean, very few of us will be a St. Augustine, St. Francis or a Mother Teresa.

But, we forget that the story of Christ at work in us is not about us, but about the power of Jesus. The One who fed the multitudes with a few fish and a little bread, doesn’t require greatness from us, just willingness.

Each of our stories of the work Jesus has done in us and through us has the capability of bringing in someone new to the Kingdom and that alone, is what matters.

We are called to actively look for God at work in our lives and acknowledge it to a world that desperately needs to hear the truth.

A sermon reminded me. Perhaps you needed reminding too.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂



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