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Overcoming the Weariness

Posted by on April 19, 2017

We need to remember that things often get the hardest when we are close to victory.

As I write this, my daughter has exactly twenty days left of high school. As her mama, I know that those days will fly by. She’s so very close to graduation.

At the tender age of seventeen, she doesn’t think she will make it. She’s over it. She’s tired of high school, tired of her classes, tired of many of her classmates. She knows what she wants to do next. She’s made plans. She has a college and a major that excites her. She’s tired of the small town she has grown up in and she’s ready for adventure.

She truly believes she just won’t make it.

I feel for her. I remember conversations with my own mama just like they were yesterday, about how I just didn’t think I could make it another day. We called it senioritis back then. I’m pretty sure they still do.

But, as I think about her struggle, I am reminded that the hardest part of any task that we are undertaking, is the last part.

Most marathon runners will tell you that the last leg of the race is the hardest. That’s the part when they are sore and completely exhausted. They often wonder if they can make one more step even though they know the finish line is right around the corner.

A mama in labor often finds herself the most worn out and ready to give up just when it’s time for the baby to crown.

My daughter’s senioritis reminds me of the weariness that we all face when we are on a particular long, hard-fought, journey. It reminds me that we tend to be ready and willing to give up when all that we have worked for is just around the bend. It reminds me that the last leg is often when we start listening to our self-doubts or to other voices who want to see us fail.

It also reminds me to lean on faith that says we are exactly where we need to be at this moment. It reminds me that God has a plan and He’s got this.

I am completely confident that she will make it another twenty days, just as you should be confident that you too, will make it to the finish line of whatever race you find yourself running today.

Say a prayer. Lean into Jesus and keep going, remembering that all things are possible with God.

A case of senioritis reminded me. Perhaps you needed reminding too.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂



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