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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Gift of Empathy

A few weeks ago, a child was brought back to our school on the bus, because no one was at home. This occurrence is fairly common at our school. It’s an elementary school, so if the bus driver sees that no one is at home, they bring them back to the school. Sometimes when this … Continue reading »

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No Matter the Weather

Yesterday at work, the most popular topic of conversation was that rain was headed our way. Weather is always a well discussed subject in rural Georgia, but lately it’s been the centerpiece of our thoughts as well as our conversations. We haven’t had rain in 42 long days here and to add to our misery, … Continue reading »

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In Preparation

I have two Facebook friends who have recently had babies. They shared their journeys from first announcing their pregnancies, to showing their growing baby bumps with each passing month. There was great joy in every shared photo. Then there were showers when well wishers gathered to give gifts in celebration and preparation of the lives … Continue reading »

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A Week of Thanks

My kids have the week off for Thanksgiving break and I’m going to take the week off to spend with them and enjoy some family time. I pray that as a nation, we will all take a step back from all of the negativity and fighting and reflect upon the many blessings that have been … Continue reading »

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That’s What Christians Do

I haven’t been spending much time on Facebook lately. The political barbs are still flying and quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing it. I have never believed that a man or a woman was the answer to our country’s problems. If we are putting our faith in humanity alone, we have missed the boat. But, … Continue reading »

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Life is Not Like Golf

At a recent high school football game where our team completed a really long drive to the goal post, the announcer made the comment that the crowd needed to make some noise and reminded us that we weren’t watching golf. His statement worked and the crowd started cheering. The team needed to hear that enthusiasm … Continue reading »

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Yearning for Christmas

A friend of mine commented the other night, about how she doesn’t spend that much time on Facebook. But, she said what she had noticed lately, was that every time she logged on, someone was sharing pictures of how they had already decorated for Christmas. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I’ll have to admit that … Continue reading »

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The Redeeming Business

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby and I picked up some chairs at a yard sale. We needed some new chairs for our kitchen table. They weren’t very attractive. They had definitely been used and showed some wear, but when I sat in a couple of them, they were very solid. They didn’t wobble … Continue reading »

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Sneaky Idols

Yesterday, our sermon was on the Ten Commandments. It was given by our Associate Pastor. I haven’t heard a sermon on the Ten Commandments in a long time. Before she began, she reminded us that our God is a God of law and order. We are given rules to keep us safe. She used the … Continue reading »

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Giving Thanks to and for Our Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day. It was originally called Armistice Day and was first celebrated on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War 1. It became a national holiday in 1938. It’s a day to honor all American veterans, especially those who are living, who have served our country. I have … Continue reading »

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