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Roof Lessons

Posted by on October 25, 2016
Just like a roof protects a house, our spiritual coverings protect our hearts.

Just like a roof protects a house, our spiritual coverings protect our hearts.

Last week, I got a message from my friend Amy, who is the director of the Two Rivers Salkehatchie mission camp that my family attends in the summer. I’m always happy to hear from her and anyone else from that camp. She wanted to check with me on some dates for next summer. It’s only October and she’s already at work planning next summer’s projects.

Amy, along with all of the people at Two Rivers, have become family to my family. We talk about them often. We are better people when we work side by side with them helping people who cannot help themselves. Even though we only see them physically, once a year, they have become part of our village.

We are prayer partners with each other. We are warriors for each other. We work together on the physical and the spiritual. We are all aware that our faith requires us to do both.

One of the many lessons I have learned from working on Salkehatchie houses is the importance of roofs. We talk a lot about foundations in our faith and they are very important. A house with a solid foundation can withstand just about anything that gets thrown at it.

Christians with good foundations are equally as strong. When we are rooted in God’s Word and our hearts belong to Jesus, we can weather any storm.

But, we also need to consider our roofs. When a roof springs a leak, it allows water to come in that causes all types of damage and destruction along with other things like mold and rot.

As Christians, we too, have to watch our spiritual coverings, our spiritual roofs. What are we allowing to seep in that may cause damage? If we aren’t covering ourselves with prayer, if we aren’t covering ourselves with scripture, if we aren’t covering ourselves with strong Christian community, we may be allowing small leaks to form.

When we aren’t careful, we can find ourselves doing things like giving in to anger over the trivial, or choosing to be hurt instead of letting offhand comments go, or choosing to believe lies about ourselves or others, whispered to us by our enemy. We can become active in gossip and tearing others down. We can become jealous of other people’s success.

Those are all leaks that over time, can cause some serious damage. They can cause a type of mold to grow in our hearts. When we keep our spiritual roofs in good shape, the bad stuff just rolls off. It has no place to seep in.

Working on roofs at Two Rivers has taught me a lot more than just how to use a nail gun. It’s taught me the importance of staying spiritually covered as well.

A Facebook message from a friend reminded me. Perhaps you needed reminding too.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂


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