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Witnessing Everyday Miracles

Posted by on June 23, 2016
We often pass over everyday miracles because we fail to look closely.

We often miss everyday miracles because we fail to look closely.

On Thursday of our mission trip, our work site finished up. It was early. There are normally small tasks to do until the very last minute. But, this year, we got it done early. Our site leader shook his head and said it was a first for him in his many years, like twenty-plus, in working at Salkehatchie camps.

The two men with big trucks and trailers had a discussion of whether or not they should go ahead and pull their trailers out or wait until the next day when we returned to place our cross in the yard. They went back and forth, but eventually decided to go ahead and break everything down and pull them out.

As a bonus, they dropped them off at the church and took the entire crew out for milkshakes. We were all thrilled. Later, after we got showers and got ready to go to dinner, a storm rolled in. We were thankful that we weren’t caught out in it and didn’t think too much of it, initially.

Right before we left the church to go to dinner, our homeowner, Miss Annie, called our camp director, going on and on, about how lucky we were that we had pulled our trailers out. Apparently, the storm that came through at her house had taken down a huge limb right where one of our trailers had been parked and the wind had turned over our porta potty.

On our drive to dinner, I shared the information with the group of teens in my car. The younger ones riding in the back, weren’t particularly impressed. But, the eighteen- year- old, riding in the front with me, who was a veteran of Salkehatchie, and had helped out for years, got quiet a minute and grinned as the news sunk in.

He told me that in all of his years helping that he had never known a crew to pack up and pull out trailers on a Thursday and asked me wasn’t it amazing how God was at work?

I was amazed myself and also amazed at the wisdom of this teenager, but then, when we have our kids do God’s work regularly, then I suppose, we shouldn’t be surprised when they recognize Him at work too.

We stopped by the work site after dinner to see the limb. The tree had actually split and the trailer that had been underneath it all week, that was full of tools and already scheduled to work at another Salkehatchie camp in a couple of weeks, would have without a doubt, been crushed.

But, God had a plan for that trailer and its contents and for the family who I am sure desperately needs it in a couple of weeks, and so He intervened.

After seeing it, I think my doubters in the backseat were convinced as well. Miss Annie was also amazed at the protection God had provided. She told us that she knew that God was working for us.

I am still filled with awe at the miracle we got to witness. I’m so incredibly grateful that God chose to show His face in that way, to a bunch of teens, still fairly new on their faith journey, so much so, that I wanted to share it with you too.

I pray that you are amazed and moved as we were.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂

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