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Disappointed, but not Discouraged

Posted by on June 7, 2016
It's the people inside the building who make the church.

It’s the people inside the building who make the church.

For the past few months, my church has been planning our very first Vacation Bible School in our new location. I am super passionate about that ministry and I spearheaded all of the planning. I put together a budget and I ordered a ton of stuff. I spoke to the congregation and they were on board.

I had all of these retired people, many who had never participated in VBS, but they volunteered and were ready to throw open the doors of our little church and use their hands and hearts to share the love of Christ.

I was excited. They were excited. Things seemed to be coming together.

But, then, we only had a few kids sign up and we had to cancel.

I was disappointed, but not discouraged. I’ve been walking with Jesus long enough to know that my plans, no matter how pure hearted and ready to serve they may be, don’t always line up with God’s.

Like the little tree in the, “Tale of Three Trees,” I really just want to stand tall and point to God, and like that little tree found, God’s plans sometimes look different from my own, but that’s okay. I’m not God. I’ve learned that it’s okay to not have the answers as long as I’m trusting in and walking with the One who does.

But, those sweet people in my church community were so concerned about me. I got e-mails and people pulled me aside to talk to me. My hubby was questioned by several members about how I was taking the news.

And that’s what community is supposed to be about. Isn’t it? We come together and support each other to glorify the God we serve. Then we reach out to each other and love one another when life doesn’t turn out like we planned.

My heart was just as moved by their enthusiastic willingness to serve in a ministry where they personally had no kids or grandkids, as it would have been if we would have actually had VBS. For me, it was a matter of the heart, the collective heart of our church community. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have VBS; it only mattered that they were willing to be the hands and feet of Christ to an unknown group of children.

It is true that I’m very passionate about VBS. But, I’m most passionate about pointing the way for others to see God in any way He sees fit. The fact that I’m part of a faith community willing to do the same, that’s an incredible blessing and maybe that was the faith lesson God intended for me to learn.

He’s always at work and as long as we are willing to follow His lead with open hearts, we never have to be discouraged, because we never really fail. Perhaps you needed reminding today.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂

2 Responses to Disappointed, but not Discouraged

  1. Katie spayd

    OH Wendy that was beautiful. I’ve been so worried about you. I know how much work you and your team put into VBS. Your enthusiasm did pour over into all of us. God does have other great plans for you and us and I pray that includes you with us at the River for many years to come. Have a great trip next week. Will be praying for all your great works. Love ya girl!!!

    • Wendy

      Thanks Katie. The love and support I have felt from our entire congregation has been overwhelming. I can truly say my cup runneth over. I have no doubt God is just getting started with His plans for our church. I believe that seeing us all come together was just the first step. Thanks in advance for all of the prayers next week.Love you too! 🙂

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