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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Worshipping The Rainmaker

A few Sundays back, after church, and after lunch, and after I got my ducks in a row for Monday, I tiptoed out to my back porch. My hubby was out on a run and both of my teens were occupied. I had my laptop in hand and I had prayed that God would meet … Continue reading »

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Seeking and Finding

I recently read the resurrection account in John where Mary Magdalene was searching for Jesus. In John’s account, she is the very first one to the tomb and the first to see the stone was rolled away. She frantically ran to find Peter and John to tell them what had happened. Then they ran to … Continue reading »

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No Small Parts in Kingdom Building

My daughter was recently asked to be the stage manager in her high school’s production of “High School Musical.” She is really interested in the behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, so she enthusiastically agreed. When I told her that her daddy and I wanted to come and see the show, she couldn’t understand why. … Continue reading »

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Easter is a Way of Life

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. It’s the holiest of holy days for Christians. It’s who we are and what we stand for. After a very gloomy, cloudy Good Friday and a wet and cloudy Saturday, I was hoping for a gorgeous, sunny Easter. But, alas, I woke up to more cloudy weather. I knew the weather … Continue reading »

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Good Friday Musings

Today is Good Friday. It’s the day Christians remember the crucifixion of Christ. It’s a somber day, an ugly day. People don’t like Good Friday or to talk about Good Friday. Many churches don’t do Good Friday church services because they are so poorly attended. The events of Good Friday are so unfair. Jesus was … Continue reading »

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Woodpecker Perseverance

I was taking a walk recently and praying for some guidance. It seemed like nothing I was trying to accomplish was succeeding. From financial plans, to job plans, to spiritual issues. I’m not one of those people who believes that you just pray for something and sit back and wait for God to make it … Continue reading »

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Victory in Jesus

Yesterday in Brussels, a terrorist attack killed, at this writing, thirty people and injured dozens more. The Islamic extremist group called ISIS, once again, took it upon itself to murder innocent civilians in cold blood. Those of us in the Western world weep for the victims and for the loss of life. We weep for … Continue reading »

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Focusing on Jesus

I enjoy doing yoga. I am by no means an expert. Most of the poses that I know, I learned from the Wii Fit. My favorite poses are ones that force me to work on balance. It occurred to me the other day, that whenever I begin to work on a pose that requires one … Continue reading »

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Jesus Loves the Little Chidren

Last weekend, our church hosted an Easter egg hunt at our new church location. The church itself is fourteen years old, but has moved around from place to place until landing at our new permanent address. We moved less than ten miles from where we were, but we crossed a county line. We went from … Continue reading »

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Giving Thanks Always

A couple of days ago, a little orange light with a wrench on it, popped up on my dashboard. I panicked of course. What did it mean? Was it bad? As soon as I could park, I flipped through my owner’s manual until I found it. It simply meant that I needed to get my … Continue reading »

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