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God Knew

Posted by on October 5, 2015
We couldn't have possibly known last summer that South Carolina would have catastrophic flooding. But, God knew.

We couldn’t have possibly known last summer that South Carolina would have catastrophic flooding. But, God knew.

I clicked on the Weather Channel yesterday morning to figure out what I should wear to church. It had been raining for days and was unseasonably cool. But, when the page opened up, the headline made me catch my breath. It read, “Catastrophic Flooding in South Carolina.” What to wear to church was completely forgotten.

A Salkehatchie summer mission trip, to South Carolina, has made a lot of people there very dear to me and my daughter. I silently prayed for their safety as I scrolled through pictures of the horrible devastation that had roads that looked like rivers and Interstate Highways closed, due to flooding.

As the morning went on, I began to think about the couple that we were able to help on that trip. When we arrived, their ceiling was caving in from a roof leak in the front of their house. In the back of their house, the roof had leaked so badly that the floor had rotted completely out and was literally being held up by the carpet.

Another group worked on a house that had a tarp and cement blocks on the roof. No one knows how long it had been there. But, when the Two Rivers’ Director and her team, toured all of the homes of the people who had requested assistance, and there were many, one of the team members spotted the house with the tarp and said he felt led to talk to the owner. Upon learning that he was a disabled Vietnam Veteran and had no means to fix his roof, his house was chosen.

Keep in mind that according to Clemson University statistics, South Carolina has been in drought for 8 out of the last 10 years. But, according to a weather report, the Metro Columbia area, which was where we were working, got 5 to 10 inches of rain in just 24 hours and it was still coming down.

I thought of the couple that we helped. They had needed help for a long time. Their church had reached out to members of the community for assistance, and I’ve no doubt that they had prayed about it. But it wasn’t until last summer that help arrived with a brand new roof and new ceilings and floors on the inside and apparently, just in the nick of time.

There’s no way, that their home could have survived ten plus inches of rain. I suspect they would be homeless now. And the veteran with the tarp on his roof? There’s no way a tarp could have held out that kind of rain either. I suspect he too, may have been homeless, without intervention.

We had no way of knowing in the unprecedented heat wave last June, what was coming in October, but God knew. God knew unprecedented rain would be coming. He hand-picked each one of us and each one of those homeowners. God intervened and each one of us who volunteered allowed Him to intervene through us.

As horrible as all of the flooding is, and it’s bad, God reminded me this morning that He is here and working, even when it seems all is lost. Please join me in prayer for all of the residents of South Carolina. May they stay safe and dry and see blue skies soon. And may they all have the blessing of seeing God at work in the aftermath.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂

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