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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Be Patient and Let God Work

I recently came across a story just too good not to share. While everyone seems to be focusing on the demise of American culture and labeling our society as “Godless,” I keep finding story after story of Christians rallying around each other, that bring me hope. Interestingly, once again, this story of hope takes place … Continue reading »

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Just One

Last Sunday, a representative from Gideons International came and spoke at our church. I always enjoy hearing them speak because they always have inspirational stories to share. This time was no exception. He started off by giving some amazing statistics about the work of the Gideons. Last spring they reached the two billion mark on … Continue reading »

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Showing Not Telling

Last week I spent three days subbing in an elementary school art class. The assignment for each child was to create a pumpkin, leaf, or turkey design for the upcoming Thanksgiving Feast. I spent the first few minutes of each class, reading the directions and giving all of the details. Each child could pick the … Continue reading »

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Life Lessons from Crayons

While subbing for a few days in an art class last week, I came into contact with a bunch of art supplies, from paint brushes, to glue, to scissors, to clay, to colored pencils and crayons. In my opinion, crayons are one of the coolest inventions ever. They are cheap. They are readily available and … Continue reading »

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Lessons from the Art Room

Last week, for three days, I was a substitute teacher in art, for grades third through fifth. As always, being in the art room was an interesting experience. I had subbed in there before, but not for three days. Three days spent doing anything, can give you a new perspective. Their assignment was simple. They … Continue reading »

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The Joy of Fellowship

Last Saturday morning, the ladies from my church were supposed to meet at our new church building to clean our new kitchen. We are moving in a couple of weeks and we were hoping to get everything sparkling clean and organized. Our pastor’s wife was even bringing donuts and coffee. I’ll have to admit that … Continue reading »

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Praying for His Will

Last Sunday, our pastor was preaching about the passage in Mark, Chapter 10, where the brothers James and John, approach Jesus and ask him for a favor. They approach him and say, “Teacher, we want you to do for us whatever we ask.” Mark 10:35 Hmmm, how many of our prayers begin the same way? … Continue reading »

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Getting off the Sidelines

Seems like everywhere I look these days, there’s some new controversy about sports and prayer. In September of 2014, the ACLU told a Tennessee high school that they were no longer allowed to have a prayer over the PA system before the game. They were allowed a moment of silence. The two cheer captains from … Continue reading »

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Being Understandable

My pastor called my two teens into the parking lot on Sunday before church, for a little chat. I’ll have to admit that I was super curious what it was about. My kids adore him. They call him, “Captain,” which they got from the Robin Williams movie, “Dead Poet’s Society.” I later learned that Captain asked … Continue reading »

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Are We Part-Time Christians?

Photo courtesy of Red & Black- Mark Richt prays with Nick Chubb. My Facebook page has been extremely populated with anti-Mark Richt comments the past couple of weeks. The Bulldogs lost to Alabama and then to Tennessee, and a vocal contingent of the Bulldog Nation has been calling for his resignation. It doesn’t matter to … Continue reading »

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