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Endless Possibilities With God

Posted by on July 15, 2015
The wake up crew.

The wake up crew.

On the first day of my mission trip, we went around the room and introduced ourselves. That kind of thing is usually kind of awkward, but in this case, there was lots of joking. Many of the people already knew each other and everyone was incredibly friendly.

There was one teen in attendance who used a walker. His name was Duncan. He had cerebral palsy and appeared awfully frail to me. To my shame, I wondered  how he could possibly participate. My understanding was that we would be in extreme heat and up on a roof all week. I silently doubted his ability to contribute to the mission. It was a very foolish assumption on my part.

There once was a giant named Goliath who had the misfortune to have underestimated a boy that he thought was small and frail too. He failed to understand that the boy had a heart for God. It proved to be a huge mistake on his part. That small boy changed the fate of Israel for ever.

There was a mighty king of Egypt who doubted that an outcast, shepherd who stuttered, could lead thousands of people out of bondage. He too, underestimated the power of any person, no matter their physical limitations, who has a heart for God.

As it turned out, Duncan was the first teen up every morning and he summoned all of the others, with a trumpet. It was really difficult for the other kids to complain when they dragged themselves out of bed to be met by his cheerful smile.

I also learned there was plenty to do on the work site besides roofing and there were several kids and adults who couldn’t get on a roof for various reasons. Duncan proved to be a dynamo. He scrubbed kitchen walls which hadn’t been scrubbed in over a decade. He painted. He installed cabinet knobs. He helped get roofing nails off of the ground. He even helped leave Salkehatchie’s iconic calling card in a unique way.

Each year, the volunteers leave a reminder behind of their service.

Each year, the volunteers leave a reminder behind of their service.

He never quit early. He stuck it out in the sweltering 100 degree heat with everyone else. His tireless dedication was an inspiration to everyone around him.

One evening the kids were having a scavenger hunt and they were divided into teams. Duncan couldn’t run around with the others, but he sat at the table and thoughtfully read each clue. Time after time, the other teens would return and ask him where they should look. They would lean in as he made a suggestion and off they would go. He was usually right.

God showed His face to me and to all of us, in so many ways that week through this very special boy. He reminded me that everyone is a unique creation of God. We all have a purpose and a part to play in the Kingdom. Duncan played his part beautifully that week.

Duncan also reminded me that, “All things are possible with God.” Sometimes I need a reminder. Perhaps you do too.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂

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  1. Cathy Chapman

    Definitely inspiring.

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