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Still Standing

Posted by on October 6, 2014
There is nothing left of the house, but the chimney is still standing.

There is nothing left of the house, but the chimney is still standing.

I had a really hard day yesterday. My hubby and I had to make a really difficult, but necessary decision. I shared it with some of my heart sisters at church. Everyone who is a Christian is a brother or sister in Christ, but there are some of those people who share a very special place in my heart. I think of them as heart sisters. I can always be honest with them and share my true self. They don’t always expect a plastered on smile. They are the ones who hand me a tissue when I get teary.

They were supportive as I knew in my heart they would be and sad too. They are gifts from God. The really cool the thing about these women is that I don’t have to see them or talk to them often to feel the special bond I have with them. I would love to see them more, but it’s not required. It’s a friendship that has to be forged by our faith.

I never really gave the heart sisters bond that much thought before today. I love them. I love to see them. I’ve always felt close to them, but I never gave the why that much thought. We would probably have never even met each other if it hadn’t been for our church.

Later in the afternoon, my hubby and I decided to take a walk at the Botanical Gardens. I have always found that being out in nature is balm for a hurting soul. Creation is after all, God’s cathedral and it was a stunning day outside, one of those days that you want to give special thanks for, with low humidity, a light breeze and a deep blue sky. For some reason, our teenagers decided to join us. I’m smart enough to know that teens wanting to spend any time with their parents is also a gift from God.

Somehow, we got on a trail that we hadn’t been on before and an hour or so planned stroll, turned into a close Β to three hour, seven mile walk. We did stop often to take pictures and enjoy the scenery, but towards the end, we wondered if we would have to camp out. We were exhausted and lost. Would the trail ever reach its destination?

Somewhere near the end, we ran upon this old chimney. It had once been part of a house. There was nothing left of the house. It was surrounded by trees and weeds and wilderness, but the chimney stood proudly, perfectly intact. I couldn’t help but snap a photo. It reminded me of the heart sisters bond.

It doesn’t really matter where we are or how often we see each other, the bond is strong and sturdy like the chimney. It still stands. I find that comforting. When relationships are forged by God, they will stand the test of time and the elements because they are blessed. Certain people are put in our spiritual lives for a reason only God knows, but I sure am thankful for them. The trail did eventually end as all trails and journeys do, and as usual, God had given me food for thought while I was out in nature, seeking Him. I suspect getting lost was part of His plan all along. I would have never seen the chimney otherwise.

Have you ever given much thought to heart sisters or brothers? I’ll bet if you do, some will come to mind. If they do, say a prayer of thanks; they are a special gift.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy πŸ™‚

2 Responses to Still Standing

  1. Sandra

    Precious Wendy – perfection!
    You are indeed my “Carolina Wren”.
    Peace be with you.

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