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Life’s Spider Lilies

Posted by on September 23, 2014
You just never know what God may have planned.

You just never know what God may have planned.

These spider lilies that pop up every fall always make me smile. While the entire country goes pumpkin crazy and everything is geared around harvests, these brightly colored flowers show up out of nowhere, virtually overnight. While we look to decorate our homes with browns, oranges and golds, and the leaves on the trees begin to turn their kaleidoscope of color, these whimsical flowers that have the look of spring written all over them, make their presence known.

They are everywhere too. Just look around as you drive down the road. They are in yards and on the side of the road. They are so whimsical looking, you would think Dr. Seuss, himself designed them. But, he didn’t. Nope, a much more creative designer, created them.

As I was returning from a walk a few days ago, I just had to grab my camera to photograph them. I didn’t plant them, but here they were, just begging to be noticed. I have always thought that God’s fingerprints are the most evident in nature. The spider lily is a perfect example.

First of all, God creates beauty just because He can. He didn’t have to make these flowers so colorful and funky looking, but He did. That tells me that He loves beauty and art and color and appreciates whimsy. Maybe we should do the same. How often do we just take a moment to appreciate the sunrise or sunset or the shapes and colors of leaves and flowers. When was the last time you really checked out a chipmunk? They look like they have been hand painted. Their little stripes are in perfect lines.

Nature is full of God. If it’s been a while, take a little time and check it out. Seek Him out in His creation. I’ll bet you will be surprised how He shows Himself. The Bible tells us that, “I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.” Proverbs 8:17  Why not give it a try?

The second truth these awesome flowers remind me of is that whatever we have planned, God’s plan may be different. While we are looking towards autumn where the leaves that fall are beautiful, but dying, out pops something new and different. We may not have planned for it or planted it and we may not know how we feel about it, but there it is, all the same. The question then becomes, how do we proceed?

I think the spider lily is a beautiful reminder that God’s plan for us can be different, exciting, unexpected and beautiful all at the same time. It may be a bright coral and fuchsia mix  when the rest of the world’s is brown and orange. That’s okay, because nature also teaches us that God loves variety.

So, I challenge you to go forth today and appreciate some part of nature that you may have overlooked recently and embrace your life’s spider lilies, whatever they may be. God made them just for you.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂

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