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Monthly Archives: June 2014

God is Always at Work

It has been a very busy summer for me. The entire month of June is a blur. I am happy to say it’s been all good things, from Vacation Bible School, to summer vacation, to my sis visiting from far up in the northern country. I have been home very little and I’m a homebody. … Continue reading »

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Love Will Find a Way

When I was visiting my parents’ house recently, I took a short walk up their driveway. Grass had begun to push its way through the asphalt. It was an interesting picture, so I went and got my camera. What do you see, when you examine this photo? I see life finding a way, against what … Continue reading »

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A Place to Rest

  My family and I took a recent day trip to the city of Savannah. I lived there once upon a time, but that’s been close to twenty years ago. We wandered around River Street like tourists and then we hit the squares. My son was particularly interested in the bench where Tom Hanks sat … Continue reading »

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Permission to Mourn

She approached me at the grocery store the day after I returned from vacation. It was the day before Father’s Day. I don’t know her well, but we worship together at the same church and we both attend the early service. I speak to her every Sunday. She asked me how Vacation Bible School went, … Continue reading »

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The Power of a Mission Trip

Last week, my daughter, went on her first mission trip. She didn’t have to go on an airplane halfway across the world. There were people right next door in South Carolina, who needed assistance. The trip got off to a chaotic start, when our youth pastor was unable to pick up the van she rented … Continue reading »

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Community at Work

My daughter just returned from her first mission trip. She went to Eastover, South Carolina with a small group from our church to help repair houses that were in terrible shape. There were so many ways that God had His hand in this trip, from the people who went, to the group she ended up … Continue reading »

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Life’s Tides

A really beautiful phenomenon at the beach was the changing of the tides. This inlet was gorgeous at high tide. I wanted to get a picture of it every time we passed over it, which was a lot. It was different every time because the tide was different every time. People who live in this … Continue reading »

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Enjoying the Moment Even Without the Pictures

When we first arrived in Hilton Head, we walked down to the dock at Harbor Town and were rewarded with a mama dolphin swimming with her calf. They were side-by-side and super close to us. Everyone around was ooohing and ahhing. I snapped and snapped, but I couldn’t get the shot. They would disappear almost … Continue reading »

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Being Mindful of Danger

While biking on the many trails on our recent beach trip, we encountered several of these guys. The American Alligator is a really a sight to behold. They are direct descendants of the dinosaurs and were close to extinction a couple of decades ago. Through laws to protect them, they have made quite a comeback. … Continue reading »

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Regeneration – Lessons from a Starfish

I love to walk along the beach. It’s never the same experience twice. I heard this woman ask a lifeguard, “What is swimming today?” He replied, “In the ocean?” She said, “Yes.” He said, “People.” She said, “Are there any critters swimming today?” He said, very politely, “Ma’am, it’s the ocean. There are always critters … Continue reading »

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