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Growing Friendship

Posted by on May 5, 2014
My daughter had some really good friends come and cheer her on at a performance last weekend.

My daughter had some really good friends come and cheer her on at a performance last weekend.

My daughter is almost finished with her freshman year of high school. When she started this year, one of her friends asked her what she hoped to accomplish during her four years of high school. Her friend went on to say that she wanted her name on trophies to be displayed in the office. She wanted her name left permanently on the school. She also had plans of obtaining very high grades that would also earn her a permanent plaque.

When she pressed my daughter on what she hoped to accomplish during her high school years, she replied, “I hope to make some lifelong friendships like my mom has with some of her friends from high school.”

Her friend was stunned. It doesn’t seem like a very lofty goal at first glance, but it’s much harder than it appears and incredibly worth it. Friendship isn’t something that’s tangible and they certainly won’t give you a trophy for it with your name engraved on it, but there are few things in life that I treasure more.

I just celebrated my forty-fourth birthday and one of my dearest friends from high school came over first thing that day and brought me a card and we had coffee and caught up. Her gift was priceless.

My daughter had a performance last weekend where she sang and played the guitar. She invited her closest friends to her performance. They came and stood in the hot sun for an hour-and-a-half, waiting for her to play and then clapped and cheered for her when she went on.

In the early teen years, I can’t tell you what this means to a young girl’s self-esteem. These friends are a gift from God, a gift I pray she will always treasure. I pray that these kids will continue to grow their friendship as they love and support each other.

I truly believe she got it right that day in a conversation in early August. While sports and grades are definitely a very important part of high school, relationship is king. Competition and hard work are a necessary part of life, but we were made for relationship. All the social media and texting over talking, has made relationship and true friendship much harder to grow.

It may be harder, but not impossible and I regularly encourage her to gather with her community. My mom did the same. There was always a crowd of kids at my house growing up. They always felt welcome. We always had a place to be together.(and plenty of snacks) We made memories that still make me smile.

My daughter’s friends are often at my house where I always try to make them feel welcome. I try to encourage relationship and I pray that she will always remember the fabulous gift that true friendship is. Who knows, perhaps on her forty-fourth birthday, one of those girls will join her for coffee? I hope she will be that blessed.

Have an awesome day!

Wendy 🙂


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