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Monthly Archives: May 2014

It’s Time for Vacation Bible School

Our church will host our annual Vacation Bible School next week. We are not alone. If you drive anywhere around the Southeast, you will see banners in front of churches inviting all to come and giving a sneak peek at this year’s theme. It was a much simpler affair when I was a kid. We … Continue reading »

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Start by Making Your Bed

Naval Admiral William H. McRaven recently gave a graduation speech at the University of Texas at Austin. It was fabulous and has gone viral on YouTube. You really should check it out. He is a Navy Seal and gave a list of ten things he learned from his Seal training that anyone can do if … Continue reading »

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Rejoice Because You Understand

I’ve been following along with an online Bible study on the book of Nehemiah. It’s one of those kind of obscure Old Testament books that doesn’t get a lot of press. It only has thirteen chapters and there are some parts where the seemingly endless list of ┬ánames will bog you down, but there are … Continue reading »

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Remembering Who We Are

My grandmother used to tell my mother, “Don’t hurt my car;” every time she let her drive it as a teenager. My mother finally questioned her why she cared more about the car than her own daughter. Now my grandmother was known for being a feisty lady and she quickly replied that if my mother … Continue reading »

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Seeing Jesus in Wal-Mart

I had the joy of visiting Wal-Mart a couple of days ago. I really hate going there. It’s always so crowded and honestly, I hate all of the negativity I see there. It seems like people come from miles around to bring their children there, so they can yell at them. I always see a … Continue reading »

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Points to Ponder

Well, it’s official, we have survived another school year. School ended for us yesterday and as always, my entire family breathes a collective sigh of relief. We are a family that prefers a slower pace of life. We don’t really like to rush. We are not super competitive. We speak kindly to one another. And … Continue reading »

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Creativity Born from Adversity

My son picked up the scrap of wood pictured above, while he was cutting grass at the church a couple of weeks ago. When I asked my husband what he planned on doing with it, he said that he wanted to use it to make some kind of sign. I smiled. This child is always … Continue reading »

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The Right to Be Entertained

  I just had a conversation with my daughter about an AP class she will be taking next year. As she was lamenting about how difficult it will be, she commented that the teacher will lecture and she will actually have to take notes. Imagine that! There’s no Power Point presentation or videos. They will … Continue reading »

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Honoring God with Sick Days

I was sick a couple of weeks ago and finally gave in and went to see my doctor. It was a sinus infection. I knew it was. I knew I needed an antibiotic. I had known for a couple of days, but I kept putting it off. I just didn’t have time to be sick. … Continue reading »

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Divinely Given Human Wisdom aka Common Sense

I was recently reading the introduction in my Bible to the book of Proverbs. I came across a sentence in the summary that really caused me to pause and ponder. ” The book of Proverbs teaches that God gives people a divine wisdom, but there is also a divinely given human wisdom, or common sense, … Continue reading »

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