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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Praying for Wonder

As I was preparing to write today’s post, I was praying for guidance. My family has had a really rough week. Tornadoes tore across the Southeast last night and we are expecting a second wave tonight. To top it off, I woke up with one of those throbbing sinus headaches that refuses to let go, … Continue reading »

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A Time to Plant

This weekend, my hubby and I finally got our little garden started. We are trying a raised bed because we just weren’t up to fighting with the weeds. We are a little late getting started, but we have had an unseasonably cold spring and a winter that simply refuses to acknowledge his time to go. … Continue reading »

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God Wins

We had a representative from Gideons International speak at our church yesterday. You know who the Gideons are, right? They are the guys who stand on the street corner from time to time and hand out the small Bibles with the New Testament. They also are responsible for putting a Bible in every hotel/motel room … Continue reading »

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Strong Women

My mom recently texted me about how tired and overwhelmed she was feeling. I immediately texted back that she should channel her inner Janice and Aunt Mary. We all have those women in our lives who are pillars of strength. You know who I’m talking about. They never have to raise their voices, but the … Continue reading »

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That’s My God

I have been a substitute teacher in a special education class for the past few weeks. It has definitely been an interesting experience, frustrating at times and rewarding at others. What it has not ever been, is boring! Today, at the end of class, the students were packing up and waiting for the bell. One … Continue reading »

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Surviving Life’s Cold Snaps

We had a cold snap last week. It was rather late in the spring and there were quite a few things blooming that sustained some damage. There were a lot of people who had decided to go ahead and put out their summer plants like Impatiens. Some people had even planted summer veggies. After all, … Continue reading »

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Past Thorns

While I was recently working in the yard, I came across this dead rose-bush. I was relatively certain it was dead at the end of last summer. We just got too much rain, but I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, it had some life in it. It didn’t. It had been a housewarming gift … Continue reading »

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Faith Like a Vine

While I was working on my Lent Bible Study of the Book of John, Spring Break occurred, and we went for a short visit to see the grandparents. As we drove up to the house, the trees were filled with this beautiful, lavender wisteria vine. It’s gorgeous and it smells divine and it has been … Continue reading »

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Jesus Reinstates Peter- John 21: 1-25

In the last chapter in the Book of John, we learn about Jesus’ conversation with Peter. The other three Gospels don’t record this meeting. Personally, I really needed to hear it. Peter was very close to Jesus, yet he denied him when he was confronted by Jesus’ accusers, just as Jesus had told him he … Continue reading »

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Jesus Appears to His Disciples- John 20: 19-30

Jesus gave Mary Magdalene instructions to tell his disciples what she had seen. I’m sure she wasted no time. But, while Jesus appeared to her very early in the morning, he didn’t appear to his disciples until that evening. The text says that they were together with the doors locked because they feared the Jews. … Continue reading »

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