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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Lessons from David

We all know the basics of the David and Goliath story. A young boy took down a huge giant with a sling shot. We love stories like these. America was built on a story like this one. During the Revolutionary war, rag-tag farmers were able to defeat the most powerful military force in the world. … Continue reading »

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From the Mouth of a Teen

Yesterday was one of those days. I hadn’t slept well the night before. It may have had something to do with my parents’ Papillons that I’m looking after at the moment. The spoiled little darlings had to sleep in the bed with my hubby and me. When I took them out on ¬†leashes at 5:00 … Continue reading »

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Music Can Unite

The show, The Voice, returned to television on Monday night and I’ll have to admit that my family was captivated. We are a musical bunch. My son plays the drums and my daughter plays guitar. We have some type of music playing in our home most of the time. It’s just how we are wired. … Continue reading »

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Honoring God with Your Art

I subbed yesterday in an elementary school art class. We began the class with a video on Claude Monet. After the video, I asked each table of kids to give me one fact that they learned from the movie. One little fourth grade girl said that Monet’s father didn’t want him to be a painter. … Continue reading »

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The Opportunity of the Nones

Our sermon on Sunday was about the decline of the American church. The pastor shared about being in a group with other pastors from around the world and how the Christian faith was growing in other parts of the world against all odds, but diminishing here in America. I decided to go home and do … Continue reading »

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Try Unplugging

Being a child of the eighties, I had a Walkman. Remember those? Mine was bright yellow. It held a cassette tape. Remember those? My sister and I had chores we had to do on the weekends like vacuuming, mopping and dusting and I would put in a tape, put on those headphones and get done … Continue reading »

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The Art of Cooking

When I think about the slowest creature around, I think about the turtle. He really can’t help, but to stop and smell the roses, because his top speed is slow. I’ve been reading a book about living life with intention and slowing down and how that’s a very difficult concept here in our American culture. … Continue reading »

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Letting Go of the Hard Stuff

As I was walking yesterday and thanking God for the gorgeous weather and the reprieve from this horrendous winter, some snow caught my eye. It was in the high fifties yesterday. There shouldn’t have been any snow left, but there was. Under closer examination, I realized that the snow was in the shade and the … Continue reading »

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Buds of Promise

My family and I took a walk on Sunday at the State Botanical Gardens. We had been housebound for several days due to a freak snow and ice storm. We were itching for some spring. The temps were in the fifties and so we ventured out. We weren’t the only ones. There were many others … Continue reading »

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The Eye of a Needle

The Deep South was struck by yet another snow and ice event last week. A good chunk of the entire state was shut down for days and thousands upon thousands of people were without power for days as well. My parents had no electricity from Wednesday until Sunday. These events happen from time to time. … Continue reading »

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