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Monthly Archives: January 2014

God Blessed the Broken Road

  Do you ever look around and think about where you are and how you got here? For many of us, seemingly inconsequential decisions that we have made along the way would have landed us somewhere entirely differently altogether. From the college we decided to attend, to the date we said yes to, to the … Continue reading »

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Snow Angels

Yesterday was a snow day for us. Like most Southern children, mine were excited beyond words. We don’t have snow very often in Georgia, so it never loses that “new car smell.” It usually hangs around for a day or two and melts away as quickly as it came. It only takes about an inch … Continue reading »

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Lessons from the Well

I recently re-read the account of the woman at the well in the Gospel of John. This story has always been one of my favorites in the Bible because it’s such a true account of the nature of Jesus. It’s found in John 4:1-41. Jesus was on the way to Galilee and has to go … Continue reading »

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The Spirituality of Birthdays

Today is my mama’s birthday, so I’m going to start this post by saying, “Happy Birthday Mama!” She always made such a big deal over birthdays when I was growing up. Even when I was in college, she and Daddy would trek up to Athens with my little brother in tow, and bring cake, ice … Continue reading »

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Be Brave Enough to Hope

  I recently saw the movie, “Hope Floats.” I’ve always loved that movie, because I’m a sucker for a story where someone gets knocked down through no fault of their own and not only picks themselves back up, but discovers or rediscovers who they were truly meant to be. Hasn’t that happened to all of … Continue reading »

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What Would You Change?

I was telling my hubby last night about an e-mail I received from the high school about after-prom. After-prom is the after dance party that the two local high schools put on together. They lock the kids in all night with movies, snacks, games, bounce houses and lots of supervision. Well apparently,this year, after eleven … Continue reading »

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Three Simple Rules

John Wesley was the co-founder of the Methodist Church. He was an active participant in the Church of England in the 1700’s. He became disenchanted with the “religiousness” of church. He felt like there was more focus on how worship took place over who was being worshiped. He felt like Christians should be reaching outside … Continue reading »

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Spiritual Light Pollution

When I was growing up, we visited the beach every summer. We loved to walk on the beach at night. All of the condominiums had bright lights that shined onto the beach. It was almost as well-lit at night as it was during the daytime. Times have changed and scientists have found that the lights … Continue reading »

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Delicious and Beautiful

We are using a new curriculum in our middle school Sunday school class that uses video and drawing and skits and covers the entire Bible in 32 weeks. While I like the fast paced, keep the kids interested approach, it obviously leaves a lot of gaps. The videos are only like three minutes or so. … Continue reading »

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Sometimes a Mess is for the Best.

I woke up Saturday morning with one of those killer sinus headaches that makes you want to cry. My head was pounding as I took a couple of ibuprofen, a couple of Sudafed and sipped a cup of coffee. I didn’t even feel like sitting at the table, so I slowly trudged to my couch. … Continue reading »

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