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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Robertsons

As I was traveling down Milledge Avenue yesterday I was taken by surprise by eight hay bales decorated for Halloween. It’s part of the Cattleman Association’s Halloween Havoc contest. Various groups buy the bales and decorate them for a chance to win a prize. My family looks forward to seeing  them every year because they … Continue reading »

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Jesus Doesn’t Throw Any Back.

My parents used to take me and my brother and sister fishing every summer in Florida. They had a little place on the Suwannee  River and I learned to fish in the shallows of the Gulf of Mexico. Ocean fishing is always exciting because you really never know what you will catch. It may be … Continue reading »

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Weddings and Marriage

My family attended a wedding this past weekend. It was an outdoor wedding at a horse farm. The simplicity  was spectacular. There were mason jars with candles in them scattered along fences. There were lights strung up in the trees. There was a small cabin on the property that was built in 1804. The ceremony … Continue reading »

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Getting Past the Tough Parts

Our heater just came on for the first time of the season. You know what that means, that disgusting, burning smell fills up the house. As I was driving my daughter to school today, they even had a radio call-in segment where everyone was complaining about that heater smell. Now, as much as we hate … Continue reading »

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Who are Your cheerleaders?

I was a cheerleader in high school. It wasn’t because that was what the popular kids did or anything as shallow as that. I was a cheerleader because it was what I was good at doing. I tried basketball and probably played a total of two minutes the entire season. I was terrible at it. … Continue reading »

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I Learned All I Need to Know About Faith at VBS

Jesus Loves Me. Worship takes many forms including singing and dancing. There’s a time for everything; a time to listen, a time to share, a time to pray, a time to create, a time to snack, a time to sing and dance and a time for worship.  Community is important. Friendships are to be treasured. … Continue reading »

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It All Came From a Tree.

My brother-in-law died very suddenly last year. We got a call in the middle of the night from my nephew telling us he had a massive heart attack. We were stunned. It was the last thing we ever expected. Tim was larger than life and had survived so much trauma in his life. He seemed … Continue reading »

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It’s time to write the Christmas play.

It’s time to write the Christmas play. I know, you may be rolling your eyes thinking it’s not even Halloween yet, but we have to start practicing in November and October is quickly coming to an end. For the past five years, I have been involved in writing my church’s Christmas play. My husband and I … Continue reading »

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Sunday morning chaos

One of my dear friends came to church yesterday with just one of her two girls with her. She was late and I could tell from across the parking lot, not happy. I said a little prayer for her sense of peace. I know she has close to never-ending battles with her middle child and … Continue reading »

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God is Always Full of Surprises.

 I was working on dinner yesterday when a big bird flying across the backyard caught my eye. Quite certain it was a hawk, I ran and got my camera and eased outside. While hawks are fairly common in my area, they are rather tricky to capture in pictures. They don’t stay in one place for … Continue reading »

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