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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Watching for God

It was a crazy, exciting, anxiety filled weekend at my house. My 14 year old freshman was preparing to attend her first homecoming dance along with 14 (or so, depending on the day), of her friends. These girls didn’t have dates, but decided to go together as a large group. There were other groups who … Continue reading »

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The Beautiful Power of Friendship

  I believe that friendship is truly a gift from God and all friendships are beautiful in their own unique way. Even those that only bloom for a season can add fabulous color and beauty to our lives in the moment. Even Jesus, surrounded himself with friends. He really liked being around people and although … Continue reading »

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Being Thankful

Today is cleaning day at my house. Good times! Believe it or not, I have some of my best conversations with God when I’m doing household chores. Weird right? A few years ago, when I was scrubbing the toilet, (one of my least favorite jobs), it struck me that I really should be thankful that … Continue reading »

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The Rain

My daughter came downstairs this morning sporting a new pair of ankle boots that she has been dying to wear to school. When we got ready to go, it was raining. She was disappointed, trying to decide whether to wear them or not because she was worried about ruining them. In the end, she decided … Continue reading »

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Learning to Listen

My church has been going through some rocky times lately. While this is not uncommon, it still can be kind of miserable when it happens at your own church. The thing about churches is that they are run by people; they are people trying to serve God, but still people. People are broken by nature. … Continue reading »

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Children of Light

I recently re-read the creation story. The thing that’s so cool about the Bible is that it speaks to you wherever you are in your faith walk, wherever you are in your life. When I read one of the books or stories  of the Bible and then wait a few years and read it again, … Continue reading »

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My family has always had dogs. We love them and just can’t live without them. They make us happy. Because we have dogs, we have always had  a fence around the yard. Not only does the fence keep them in and safe from being run over by a car, it also keeps predators like coyotes … Continue reading »

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Valley Times

My hubby and I teach a middle school Sunday school class. Yikes! Right? Our son is in the class, so it’s not quite as scary as it sounds. We were recently talking about Joseph. You remember him; the coat of many colors guy. As we were preparing the lesson, it struck me that this kid … Continue reading »

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Life’s Seasons

I took a walk today and definitely felt the nip of fall in the air. I have already heard my daughter say “I can’t wait for fall.” Initially, I found myself agreeing with her. Then I started thinking about how we are always in a rush to get to the next season. You know what … Continue reading »

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You Really Do Have a Choice

Someone pulled out in front of me while I was driving my kids to school this morning. I mean like I had to slam on brakes to miss them. “Blow your horn!” my teenager said. I didn’t. I wanted to, but I didn’t. There was a time when I would have. I mean, the nerve … Continue reading »

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